Black and White Photography:
Monochrome photos
Black-and-white (monochrome) is the oldest form of photography — originally all photos were black and white. These days it is a lot less common but still maintains a strong following.

Monochrome is more than the absence of colour. Black-and-white photos have a style of their own, usually quite dramatic. A good black-and-white photographer knows how to use this format to maximise the impact of shapes, textures and tones.


Candid, Family, Fashion, Glamour, Passports & Visas, Portrait, Pregnancy, School, Sports, Wedding.


Specialized photography for clinical purposes, i.e. to help reveal and diagnose illness.

Sports Photography:
Sports photography is one of the most exciting and challenging types of photography. Capturing the action at its peak is your ultimate goal; this requires planning and skill. 

Commercial Photography:
Product shots, advertising, etc.

Commercial photography often involves shooting against a white background, or a solid color that can later be removed by chroma-keying.

Event Photography
Concerts, parties, festivals, weddings, etc.
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The term event photography covers a range of subjects – from photographing your best friend’s wedding to recording the perfect holiday celebration. No matter what the event, there are some techniques photographers can use to make sure their shots are beautiful, memorable and special.